Company security

Terna has always managed the vulnerabilities of the electrical system and its critical infrastructures with the latest solutions and a high level of technical and organisational skills, which is reflected in both internal processes and systems and in procedures and instructions applicable to participants in Italy’s national electrical system.
In 2007, in order to meet the increasing need for security, Terna established the Corporate Security Department with the goal of significantly enhancing the organisation’s security mechanisms and defining a broad-based system for identifying, analysing and monitoring Company risks.
In particular, security efforts are aimed at protecting the Company’s physical and technological infrastructures, in part through efforts aimed at preventing and handling corporate fraud. In order to achieve real-time monitoring and management of critical issues affecting infrastructures, Terna has created a Security Operations Centre, which is equipped to prevent and manage critical situations.
Terna’s security unit adopts the latest best practices in the areas of critical infrastructure protection and security, which are also in line with the current regulatory framework recently introduced in Europe.