Immagine_1_0.pngTerna is a large team motivated by passion and the awareness of the deep social value of the work. A leading Italian company made of 3,500 professionals with an outstanding know-how and unique expertise. People are Terna’s most important capital on which to invest, consolidating and strengthening individual talents, enhancing results and promoting professional growth.
In 2009, Terna was listed among the 28 outstanding companies of the first Italian edition of the CRF Top Employers that analyses and certifies the best companies based on personnel policies. Terna enhances its personnel through specialised training: a joint investment between the Company and the people, aimed at increasing expertise and creating value for the Company. In 2009, employees benefited from 160,000 hours of training, 47 hours per capita which involved 91% of Terna’s employees at least in one course.

In demonstrating its focus on people, the Company strengthened its internal communication processes.

Senza-titolo-5_4_0.jpgIn 2008 a programme was created for expressing satisfaction for Terna’s internal communication tools and initiatives which revealed the highest satisfaction for its corporate Intranet “InTernamente” and for large scale events such as the annual convention We:Me and the management’s meetings in its territorial offices. Following the success obtained by the first edition of the artistic contest “CreativInterna”, this year the event was devoted to “Transmission of values”, a founding element in the group’s corporate identity. First of all, the value of safety by creating an actual mascot, “Ternaruga”. Strong attention was also given to internal communication activities devoted to accompanying the transfer of nearly 500 employees to the new Head Office in Rome and to “Corporate Loyalty” by recognising the commitment of those who in 25 and 35 years of employment contributed to the growth of both the Company and the country.