Coverage of demand

The high margins available at the peak recorded in 2009 are attributable to the considerable reduction in demand compared with the preceding year, as well as to maintenance forecasting and coordination by Terna. The year also saw the start-up of a number of new generating plants.



In line with expectations, the coverage margins for Sicily and Sardinia were extremely slim, owing to structural deficiencies in power generation and in interconnection capacity with the mainland.
On the whole, the critical points of electrical system management expected on the islands were encountered in actual operations, thereby confirming the area as at risk for covering demand with adequate reserve margins, and thus ensuring the continuity of electricity supply.
In the final month of the year, the first pole of the SA.PE.I. connection between the Italian mainland and Sardinia significantly increased the island’s coverage margins and security.

With regard to foreign trade, the average hourly price differential between the Italian electricity market and those of France and Germany was about 15% higher (€23/MWh vs. €20/MWh) than 2008. This price trend caused an increase in the net balance of energy imports of about 5.4 TWh compared with the corresponding period of 2008.