Work carried out in period

In 2009, the most important work still in progress involved activities to reduce network congestion, to connect new generating plants (especially those fuelled by renewable resources), and to increase the reliability of the grid with ever greater attention to environmental and safety issues.
The major works currently in progress are as follows:

  • 500 kV d.c. “Sardinia-Continent” (SA.PE.I.) underwater cable: work was completed in 2008 on underwater cabling of the first pole (a total of 425 km). In 2009, work was completed on civil structures and the construction of buildings to house high-tech electric equipment. Construction work is currently underway on the second underwater cable pole, and testing is underway to ensure that the plant will enter service in 2010;
  • 380 kV stations to connect renewable-resource fuelled plants: site work began on 380 kV stations suited to power input from and connection to new renewable fuel generating plants located in the areas of Turano, Maida, Bisaccia, San Severo, Deliceto and Troia. The final design stage has already been completed for the first four stations. Provisioning of materials is underway and work is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2010;
  • 380 kV rationalisation in the province of Lodi: site work has begun with the construction of two new 380 kV power stations in the municipalities of Chignolo Po and Maleo; work has also begun on building a new 380 kV double three-phase power line connection along the “La Casella-Caorso” line;
  • new 380 kV “Sorgente-Rizziconi” underwater connection: site work has begun on the two 380 kV stations in Scilla (Calabria) and Villafranca (Sicily), and materials procured. Work is underway at the 380 kV Rizziconi power station to expand and install the 2 bays necessary for building the new long-distance line. Final design is still in progress, in preparation for executing the main orders for the manufacture and laying of the 380 kV double three-phase underwater cable;
  • 380 kV “Ittiri-Codrongianos” long-distance line: construction work is underway on the new 380 kV long-distance line and the new Ittiri power station adjacent to the existing 380 kV “Fiumesanto-Selargius” line, in order to prepare for connection of the aforementioned future station along this line on an in-and-out basis;
  • 132 kV Val d’Ossola rationalisation: the construction site was opened in 2008, and construction work has now reached an advanced stage. Tension work has been completed on almost half of the total number of kilometres of planned line, and demolition has begun of obsolete long-distance lines. Painted tubular pylons have been installed along this line to reduce environmental impact;
  • 380 kV “Casellina-Tavarnuzze-Santa Barbara” long-distance line: the planned works are at an advanced stage of implementation, and will be gradually brought into service as the new line is constructed and the old, obsolete, lowerpower capacity line is demolished. The new 380 kV section of the Casellina power station was completed, as were the new 380 kV “Casellina-Poggio a Caiano” and “Casellina-Calenzano” connections. The new 380 kV “Tavarnuzze- Casellina” connection has also been completed, including the assembly of a number of Foster pylons;
  • replacement of conductors along the “Piossasco-Venaus-Villarodin” line: design, material provisioning and preparation for the complex operation of replacing conductors along the “Villarodin-Venaus” line have all been completed. The first phase of construction work will be implemented in August 2010.