National Transmission Grid Development Plan

On January 29, 2010, in compliance with the Ministerial Decree of April 20, 2005, the Development Plan for 2010 was submitted to the relevant authorities for approval.
The 2010 Development Plan was approved by the Terna Board of Directors on December 16, 2009, having already been favourably received by the Users’ Consultative Committee1 (which on October 31, 2009 approved the new developments initiatives included in the Plan and on November 25, 2009 approved the Plan in its entirety).
The latest version of the Development Plan includes the conditions that the Ministry for Economic Development attached to its Final Approval for the 2009 Plan2.
These conditions regarded:

  • “accelerating activities for a further reduction in congestion, while fostering planned interconnections with new energy markets in the north-eastern and southern quadrants, in particular regarding completion of the Adriatic backbone and the 380 kV ring in Sicily”;
  • “ensuring the development of renewable energy resources in compliance with targets agreed at the European level” by resolving “in particular in the southern areas of the country, issues associated with grid plants arising out of a boom in this type of non-programmable energy”;
  • monitoring the “implementation of new regulations that provide for the return of nuclear power generation to Italy with regard to the repercussions this will have on the national electricity grid”;
  • bearing in mind “development of distributed generation and new developments in bidirectional grid use associated with this type of plant, which must be taken into consideration, and coordination with local distributors in order to adopt and develop the required technological upgrades”;
  • as soon as is feasible, beginning the authorisation process for work to connect the islands situated off the Campania region to the national electricity grid in order to resolve the repeated critical issues affecting the electricity system during the tourist season.

The 2010 Development Plan adopts the structure of the previous year's version and is divided into two sections. 2010 Development Plan - Section I outlines the framework and the new development requirements highlighted in 2009.
Pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 152/06, the section is subject to a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), which commenced on October 2, 2009. The second section, Progress of Prior Plans - Section II, features a progress report on the actions envisaged in earlier Development Plans that have previously been approved and are confirmed in the current version of the Plan. Specifically, the plan highlights the development of the European transmission network. In fact, the European Commission notes the need for network operators to work together to develop a European network in order to ensure that transmission capacity keeps pace with demand and that national electricity markets are integrated.

The 2010 European Development Plan was prepared under the auspices of ENTSO-E3. Terna is both a member and the coordinator of the Continental Central South Regional Forum, and is a member of the Continental South East Forum.
Terna has supported its community-interest projects, giving particular precedence to new interconnections and resolving internal NTG congestion. The 2010 Development Plan envisages investments of around €3.14 billion in the period 2010- 2014 (an increase compared with the 2009 version of the Plan) and €3.77 billion in the five years thereafter. The implementation of the Development Plan will increase the size of the national transmission grid by adding around 4,800 km of new lines and 140 new stations with a transformation capacity of around 32,500 MVA.

SEA procedure for the 2010 Development Plan
On October 2, 2009, the preliminary stage of the Strategic Environmental Assessment procedure for the 2010 Development Plan (scoping) was initiated, pursuant to the Consolidated Environmental Law (Legislative Decree no. 4/2008), following publication of the 2010 Preliminary Report (PR) “on potential significant environmental impacts of Plan implementation”. The PR is intended to define the extent and level of detail of information to be included in the 2010 Environmental Report (ER). This preliminary stage will be completed once an opinion (and, where applicable, observations) is received from the Ministry for the Environment (METPS) - EIA-SEA Technical Commission, which gathers and collates observations made during the consultative phase, including comments issued by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage.

Status of authorisation applications
In 2009, pursuant to Law no. 239/04, 29 authorisation application procedures were initiated regarding NTG Development Plan development work. During 2009, 15 decrees received authorisation pursuant to Law no. 239/04 regarding Development Plan works.

(1) The Users’ Consultative Committee, established with a Prime Minister’s Decree of May 11, 2004 in accordance with the provisions of the Antitrust Authority’s Resolution no. 14542 of August 4, 2005, issues a non-binding opinion on the Development Plan.
(2) On December 23, 2009, the Ministry for Economic Development (MED) approved the 2009 Development Plan through the publication of its final ruling, which came out in the Gazzetta Ufficiale of January 20, 2010, no. 15.
(3) ENTSO-E (the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity) is a partnership body strengthened by community-level network operators.