Grid Code

During the year, the Grid Transmission, Dispatching, Development and Safety Code (Grid Code) was amended to implement the provisions of Law no. 2/2009, the April 29, 2009 Ministry for Economic Development decree, and Authority for Electricity and Gas ARG/elt Resolution no. 52/09. It was also updated to reflect changed grid unavailability and power plant planning and management conditions. Prior to being implemented, the amendments were submitted for consultation among industry operators, and an opinion was sought from the Users’ Consultative Committee.

The Grid Code as amended this year can be viewed on the web site.

Consultative Committee

With regard to the Users' Consultative Committee mentioned in art. 1, paragraph 4 of the Prime Minister’s Decree of May 11, 2004:

  • Committee members were elected for the three-year period 2009-2011, pursuant to Chapter 13 of the Grid Code, while maintaining the ongoing representation of the Associations on the Committee;
  • at Committee meetings held prior to the date of this report, in addition to providing opinions on proposals for amending and updating the Grid Code, as is customary the Committee issued two opinions on the Terna 2010 Development Plan, specifically an opinion on new works contained in 2010 Development Plan, and an opinion on the progress under the 2009 Development Plan.

For more information on the regulatory framework in which Terna conducts its business, please see the Annex (“Italy's Regulatory Framework”) to the Directors’ Report.