Corporate social responsibility

One of Terna's defining characteristics is the adoption of a sustainability-led approach which has been integrated into its business policies, processes and management systems. The goal of this approach is to generate value from and enhance the asset base of management best practice, and to assist in drafting the Company’s ethical, environmental and social policies and objectives.

The Company publishes its results in this field in an annual sustainability report, which is available for viewing on the corporate website at
Terna’s commitment to corporate social responsibility won the Company a number of awards in 2009 from specialised nonfinancial performance (environmental, social and governance) rating agencies. In September 2009, Terna became part of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, on which the world’s 300 top performing companies in sustainability are listed (of which just 12 are Italian enterprises).
Terna's approach to corporate social responsibility embraces a number of key areas: