Physical Security

Terna has established new surveillance and protection systems that are in line with their importance to the functioning of the electrical system and suited to the number and type of actual or potential threats they are designed to face.

With this goal, and for the first time in Italy, Terna has adopted risk assessment methodology for each of the 357 stations in order to analyse the related physical risk – concerning both actual and potential attacks – and electrical risk. Based on the “role” that each system plays in the functioning of the national electrical system, determined by assigning a risk index to each station based on their respective critical importance, a long-term action plan has been developed.
In 2009, 18 new remote anti-intrusion systems were installed in the SOC offices.
40 video box systems were installed at medium/low risk index electrical stations to monitor a number of sensitive areas at our electrical stations via the SOC.

Furthermore, an agreement was ratified during the year with the Ministry of the Interior calling for the development of a joint plan to enhance physical protection standards at electrical stations by linking Terna's video alarm systems to police operations centres, so that police intervention can be called in by the SOC.
A dual technology access control system has been planned for installation at all electrical stations and operating premises during the course of 2010.