Security Operations Center

In 2009, operations began for the Security Operations Centre (SOC) within the scope of its specific monitoring activities.
Ample space was dedicated to operational testing of the PSIS platform for the anti-intrusion monitoring and video surveillance of Terna facilities, as well as to activating and taking charge of the 18 facilities activated during the year.
Of particular note among the first activities conducted by the Control of Management Systems Unit was the monitoring of the physical security of the power stations located in areas in which the international G8 events were held, which was done with the help of all groups of operations personnel in the region.

With regard to the monitoring of information security, in 2009 antivirus monitoring began for corporate ICT platforms, including electronic mail. Using platforms to monitor security events on the telecommunications network, this control made it possible to prevent the spread of unauthorised programmes, which has reached critical levels around the world.
Finally, the partnership continues with the Department of Civil Protection, particularly in conjunction with the various emergencies, as well as with the Carabinieri and the Italian police force in order to define and implement the functional integration of the SOC with law enforcement, so as to implement the agreement signed between Terna and the Italian Ministry of the Interior concerning the protection of the Company’s infrastructures.