On April 20, 2009, the Tunisia-registered firm ELMED ÉTUDES Sàrl was established. This limited-liability company is a joint venture between Terna and Société Tunisienne de l’Électricité et du Gaz (STEG) whose main object is the study and preliminary consulting concerning the preparation of documents for the Tunisian government's call for tenders for the construction and management of the power generation hub in Tunisia for the Italy-Tunisia interconnection project.
ELMED ÉTUDES Sàrl is based in Tunis and has share capital of TND2.7 million (equal to about €1.5 million).
The company was established in accordance with the partnership agreements between the Italian Ministry for Economic Development and the Tunisian Ministry of Industry, Energy and Small Business (of June 29, 2007 and August 7, 2008) and in execution of a partnership agreement between Terna and STEG (signed in Rome on March 11 and in Tunis on March 26, 2009).