Corporate Social Responsibility

Regarding sustainability, Terna attained new objectives in 2009 that represent just as much recognition received for an approach based on a sense of responsibility that is an integral part of its employees’ working culture and that is also based on the awareness and pride of providing a service of wide general interest for the community. Terna’s sustainability is demonstrated through a great respect for its stakeholders, through its trend for an ongoing improvement of its performance and in its focus on environmental and social consequences of its activities. The coherence pursued along this path was recognised in September 2009 with Terna being included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, the most prestigious international stock market index that includes nearly 300 companies – of which only 12 are Italian – having the best sustainability performance.


During 2009 Terna strengthened its commitment towards its stakeholders with an exhaustive distribution campaign of its Code of Ethics and by appointing an Ethics Committee. In parallel with this campaign, Terna’s Board of Directors consolidated its focus on the values expressed in the Code of Ethics and publicly reaffirmed its company commitment toward sustainability by participating in the most significant and prestigious international initiative in this field: the United Nations Global Compact. Advancing the publication of the 2008 sustainability report, the fourth in order of time, drawn up according to the G3 guidelines of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), allowed its widespread distribution to national and local authorities, media and universities. The focus on human resources was developed with the creation of the first “Safety Day” which involved the Company’s top management and its employees, joined in the objective of focusing on occupational safety.

Terna continued its ongoing commitment towards the environment through the three-year agreement signed with the WWF in favor of the national electricity grid’s sustainable development and for protecting biodiversity through a greater integration of environmental criteria in planning the grid’s development.
Special attention was also given to birdlife which was the object of scientific research conducted on Terna’s behalf by the LIPU (Italian League for Bird Protection) regarding its possible interaction with electricity lines and whose nesting and reproductive activities are favored by the project that is carried out together with Ornis Italica, “Nests & Pylons”.

In line with the intention of demonstrating its commitment towards the community in a lasting and creative way, for the second year in a row, Terna maintained its cultural investment through the Terna Prize for contemporary art. With over 3,500 participating artists and a growing interest on the part of public authorities, the media, the public and sector operators, the Prize was confirmed as a cultural platform and contest capable of interconnecting the art and business worlds enhancing the role of artists as the driver for developing a new creativity for the country.
In 2009, the Terna Prize took on an international focus through the “Connectivity” project that establishes a connection with the world’s art capitals to promote an exchange of experiences and to bring Italian contemporary art abroad.