“Electricity bridges”

In 2009 Terna has focused intensively on four interconnections to make Italy the Mediterranean “electricity hub”. The two interconnections with France and Montenegro, for which the Company has already initiated authorisation procedures will add 2,000 MW of transfer capacity to Italy’s import possibility.
Cross-border interconnections will guarantee: increasing safety for the national and international electricity system, diversifying the fuel mix, reducing Italy’s reliance on a limited number of energy supplying “systems” and reducing costs for the system for over €250 million a year.

The other two interconnections are already under construction and will connect Sardinia and Sicily with the mainland solving the present electricity market congestion and allowing to transfer large quantities of electricity produced from renewable sources that are concentrated in Southern Italy. Both these projects represent world records for the Italian electricity system.
The SA.PE.I. will be completed within 2010; it is the longest “electricity bridge” in the Mediterranean, with 435 km that connect Latina to Fiume Santo (Sassari), and the deepest submarine power line in the world, reaching 1,600 meters of depth. The Sorgente-Rizziconi power line will be the longest AC submarine cable in the world with a 38 km segment below sea level in the Tyrrhenian sea that surrounds the Strait of Messina.
The completion of these two interconnections will significantly contribute to reducing system costs and will produce savings, when fully operating, for €125 million on the electricity bills of all Italian users.