Steps in development

Terna completed the first pole of the SA.PE.I. interconnection cable between Sardinia and the mainland; it opened building sites for the cable segment of the Sorgente-Rizziconi (Sicily-Calabria) line; it obtained authorisation for the 380 kV line between Lodi and Pavia (Chignolo Po-Maleo), for which the building site was opened; it requested authorisation for two new cross-border interconnections with France and Montenegro. Other projects completed in 2009 include: the Tavarnuzze-Casellina electricity line in Tuscany with 9 innovative pylons designed by the architect Norman Foster, a new 14 km long power line; works in Val d’Ossola (Piedmont), approximately 100 km and the removal of nearly 190 km whose demolition will be completed by mid-2010; upgrading the Bussolengo-Verona (Veneto) area, 24 km of buried cables and 45 km of obsolete lines that are being demolished.
The other major projects in progress are: the second SA.PE.I. cable; the Santa Barbara-Casellina electricity line in Tuscany; the Ittiri-Codrongianus electricity line in Sardinia; projects in Piedmont for increasing the import capacity from France; the completion of upgrading the Valtellina, Valcamonica and Val d’Ossola grid; 12 sub-stations, 8 of which for collecting energy production from renewable sources in Southern Italy.