Asset growth in Italy

In 2009 Terna strengthened its position in Italy and globally by acquiring over 18,000 km of electricity lines from Enel. At the end of the year, the Company also signed an agreement with A2A for the acquisition of an additional 290 km of highvoltage electricity lines. From 2005 to 2008 Terna had already acquired nearly 5,000 km of assets from Acea, Edison, AEM Milano and AEM Torino. Presently, Terna owns over 98% of the Italian electricity grid (data in km of double circuit lines):The electricity grid is formed by:

  • VHV transformers (very-high-voltage) that withdraw electricity from power plants;
  • interconnection lines that allow the electricity exchange with foreign countries;
  • VHV and HV (high-voltage) lines that transfer energy;
  • transforming stations for supplying electricity to the distribution companies that provide electricity to end users.

Asset Growth in Italy